Thursday, May 25, 2017


Once again, this is the most neglected part of a mostly neglected aspect of my life - and to think that, all things given their due, it'd be the most prosperous! Well, my quest for freedom continues (and begins to peek at blossoms, if not fruit just yet), and the stuff I've learned is mostly not yet ready for putting to text.

Sometimes there's something that cuts through so sharply, and is so on the nose with my own observations and experience, that I can't look away.

This is from commenter DC Sunsets, who I see all over the place but who doesn't seem to have a blog of his own. Pity. My reaction to his writing ranges from "Well, damn" to "Come on, man, you gotta be kidding," but even when I disagree with his conclusions I can't fault his insight.

This one is golden:
There are no (open) wolves in corporate America. The ambitious aren't wolves, they're (100%) sociopaths who know they face no real risk from their viciousness as long as they don't step on any of the 3rd rails (sex, race, etc., harassment.) The only wolves in the modern corporation are dog-mimics, any in 25 years I never saw anyone remotely like this move to and stay in management. No true man can tolerate the politics. This is reason #349 why American society is circling the drain. Virtue & honor are immediately disqualifying attributes for advancement in any organization.

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