Monday, February 13, 2017


Why do I subject myself to award shows? Endless ego on parade, an industry patting itself on the back in so many ways, awful stuff.

Ok, I do have a reason to watch them. Two, in fact. First, the whole red carpet business is usually fun and picturesque. Second, there are often interesting performances embedded in the broadcast, and telling the DVR to record the thing and starting a bit late lets me skip most of the idiocy. Bless that little fast forward button!

But sometimes... well, sometimes something is so bizarre that it grabs the attention. Even as you see more and more clearly what a moral/staging/philosophical/whatever sort of trainwreck its very concept is, you just can't look away. It just keeps digging deeper.

Thus, the most gloriously self-congratulatory, hubristic, even self-deifying thing I have ever seen at the Grammys. I'm a little surprised lightning didn't strike.

Related, down to the hand wavy motions of the backup priestesses dancers: